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5 amazing natural pain killers

Whenever we get a feeling of pain, either in out tooth, back or in any other part of the body, what we tend to do is to rush to get a pill that would kill the pain and get us going. But we all know that since these medications are good for giving the instant relief, they do come with a lot of side effects, the risk of getting addicted to them in every pain and the chance of having some dangerous drug interactions. So it is better to avoid them and switch to some health and effective remedies.

But what are the other remedies other than the medicines?

Well there are a good number of natural remedies that can be used not only to get rid of pain, but also to get several other benefits from them, without the fear of addiction or the risks of the side effects.

So what are those natural pain killers that we are talking about?

Here we are going to tell you about the 5 top pain killers available naturally and those that have been in use for centuries by the humans to get instant relief from pain.

  • Willow Bark

The willow bark is known to provide the most perfect natural replacement of aspirin that we take most of the times for getting rid of pain instantly. It can heal the inflammation and itching in any part of the body as these two are the triggers for pain. You can chew the willow bark to get relief from pain or you can get the dried herbs of it that are easily available in market and you can brew them just like tea.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric also is used to give body a relief from pain. It is used in warm milk where its powder is mixed with milk to provide a sudden soothing feeling from some accident or injury pain. Turmeric, either in the form or powder or raw, is useful for treating a lot of other ailments as well such as indigestion, stomach upset, ulcers, psoriasis and cancer.

  • Kratom

The leaves of the kratom tree or Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are also used for curing the pain instantly. The leaves of this plant have the ability to soothe the affected area from pain and it can be used in the form of tea or in the form of pills and capsules available in the market easily. You would be amazed by the health benefits of kratom when you will read them.

  • Cloves

Cloves are excessively available spice across the world that is not very expensive too and is used abundantly to spice up the food. The pain relieving properties of the clove make it the best and most readily available ingredient for headaches, toothaches and several other diseases.

  • Heat and ice

For a lot of pains, either heating the area with the help of some cloth or cooling the area with the help of some ice pack is what helps you get rid of pain easily. But to know which temperature is suitable for a pain, you need to search thoroughly before use.