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Myths busted about hair transplant in Delhi. Check out what does research says on these

Hair transplant is an effective technique that involves planting healthy hair follicles collected from a ‘donor’ site in the body to a balding area or ‘recipient site’. Some of the hair transplant clinics in Delhi are known all over India and patients from across the country come here to get the procedure done. If you want to opt for hair transplantation in Delhi but are reluctant because of the myths linked with it, read on to dismiss them and get acquainted with some authentic information about this procedure:

#1 Myth: After a hair transplant, lifetime special care is required for the new hair.

Fact: Post a hair transplant operation, the first few days demand special care, as is needed after every surgery. Though, the new hair that grows on your scalp can be treated in the same way as your regular hair. You may shampoo, cut, color or comb them because they are your natural hair.

#2 Myth: Hair transplants are excruciatingly painful.

Fact: The hair transplant operation is performed under local anesthesia and hence there is no discomfort or pain. After the surgery, one might encounter mild pain which can be easily relieved using pain medications prescribed by the doctor.

#3 Myth: The hair transplant gives immediate results.

Fact: The new hair implanted during the surgery usually tends to shed within 3-6 weeks. Once they shed, new hair starts to grow in its place. This can take up to 6-8 months and the full results are evident within a year. Visit this website to know more about this.

#4 Myth: Hair transplant can be achieved using other people’s hair.

Fact: This is completely false. The hair transplant procedure can only be performed using hair from different areas of your own body. Using other people’s hair is not reasonable since the body will reject them.

#5 Myth: Hair transplant can be done at a young age.

Fact: No one wants to experience the embarrassment of a balding head, though, for better results, specialists suggest waiting until a certain age. If done at an early age, the rest of the hair continues to fall and it would mean fewer donor sites to transplant the hair from. Therefore, it’s best to wait until your early 30’s.

#6 Myth: Transplanted hair will look like a wig.

Fact: Those who know the procedure understand that the hair transplanted is from one’s own scalp, so there is no way the new hair can look unnatural. Also, the specialist, while planting the hair, takes into consideration the natural hair growth pattern as well as the location. All these points produce excellent results that look and appear natural.

#7 Myth: The surgery may influence the brain.

Fact: This is truly a bizarre idea as the surgery only concerns with the scalp and doesn’t go any deeper. Hence, there is no contact with the brain or the risk of any injury to the brain.

With hair transplantation technique, people can restore hair on their head, beard, eyelashes and eyebrows. Those suffering from alopecia areata, thinning hair or bald sites on the body due to injury can also opt for this safe procedure that guarantees permanent results.