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Intravenous vitamin therapy and athletes

Eating a fit diet and taking right nutrimental supplements provide us nutrients which support best health. When ingested, these nutrients must be rightly digested and absorbed via the intestinal walls to nourish us. This process takes some time with some nutrients absorbing more simply than others. Most of us manage this process well as nature intended but some do not, mainly people with chronic digestive issues that contain malabsorption. Athletes, because of the anxiety they put on their bodies with competition and training, generally have higher needs for health-promoting nutrients.

IV administration of nutrients  such as amino acids, carbohydrates, and minerals and vitamins permits for a much faster administration in controlled ways without restrictions due to intestinal absorption. These nutrients can thus have a more fast effect on cells and tissues, providing deep nutrition for power production and tissue health.

IVs in the keys is not blood doping and do not drugs. We most often use a mixture of common minerals and vitamins that improve cellular energy production, better muscle growth, and helps with tissue repair from microscopic muscle tears to strains and sprains. Heavy workout also puts oxidative worry on cells and make metabolic byproducts that need to be get rid of by our liver and other organs of elimination.

The specialty of sports medicine has long recognized the advantage that IV injection therapy can bring. The main aims of sports medicine are to improve athletic performance and as fast as possible repair the damage from injury and training. IV nutrients have been shown to be supportive for these big goals.

What types of nutrients are typically give to improve athletic performance?

Almost all of our IVs in the keys for athletes contain big range of B vitamins that are cofactors for mitochondrial and cellular energy production. Magnesium is also general ingredient, as it too drives cellular power pathways as well as promoting relaxation of muscles to stop strains and spasms.

Vitamin C is also a general ingredient, both for immune support as well as wound repair, Vitamin C main role in our bodies is to power collagen, the main part of our connective tissue. We also generally deliver amino acids in our IVs. These building blocks of protein can attract muscle repair and growth fast to tissues under the stress the training entails.

Intravenous vitamin therapy and athletes

IV nutrient therapy helps athletes to:

  • Improve performance and rise strength
  • Decrease fatigue and shorten recovery time
  • Stop general injuries and illnesses which athletes are prone to
  • Change nutrients which are important for optimal energy and metabolism
  • Maintain a top level of performance over their lifespan
  • Boost performance and better stamina and strength

Which kinds of IV therapy are top for enhancing athletic performance? Hardly speaking, although, we generally use the term, IV injection therapy.” The treatment we prescribe include not just vitamins, but also  nutrients and other minerals  such as amino acids and other vitally vital organic molecules.