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How to Find the Top Physical Therapy When You Need It

Physical therapy is a great treatment alternative to medication for illnesses, injuries, and rehabilitation. Therapy can also be used for a disease or condition. A physical therapist will target a specific area of your body for treatment. The goal is to rehabilitate the area until it gets well. Physical therapy centreville va may also be used in combination with medication prescribed by your doctor. Patients receive personalized care from a trained therapist that will target the injured area. You have the benefit of having a health coach to assist you towards health and wellness. Learn more about the top physical therapy specialist in your local area by browsing online today.

Top Three Physical Therapy Treatments


Orthopedic physical therapy helps to heal the body’s joints, muscles, tendons, and bones. For example, an orthopedic therapist may treat your ligaments with a hot or cold pack. Your tendons are also a part of the body associated with orthopedic physical therapy. A therapist may also try to help you with a fracture. Most orthopedic physical therapist deal with sports-related injuries, but also work with a lot of older adults.


If you or someone you know suffers from a brain injury, you may need the help of a neurological physical therapist. They specialize in Alzheimer’s disease, loss of muscle functions, neurological impairments, injury, disease, and many health complications to your nervous system. A neurological therapist is trained to help people with adapting to their daily functions with a neurological disorder.


Pediatric physical therapy deals with children, adolescents, and infants that suffer from many illnesses discussed above. Pediatric therapist focuses on body mechanisms, flexibility, learning, and motor skills. They understand your child may need a learning environment to manage a lifelong disability. In fact, pediatric physical therapy is also used to help children with the pain associated with many physical disabilities. It’s very important that parents focus on early detection and rehabilitation and a physical therapist can help parents with smaller children including toddlers.

A physical therapist must hold certification in a specific area of physical therapy. Dealing with the public, a quality therapist must also be compassionate and put others needs first. Being a physical therapist is a rewarding career that provides stable, long-term employment. They must also be able to lift at least 70 pounds or more to accommodate patients that don’t have any physical mobility. However, most physical therapy work provides technological advance medical equipment that doesn’t require as much lifting as traditional physical therapy. If you suffer from limited movement, a therapist can help with many exercises for in and outpatient treatment. You have the option of getting holistic treatment for better health and wellness. Need immediate attention for a back injury? A professional therapist is available with emergency online appointment setting features. Try therapeutic exercise to treat your current illness, disability, or sports injury today.