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6 Treks That Should Be On Your List

The best way to discover a foreign country in all its glory is to simply walk it. Along the way, you can admire all the natural beauty that it has to offer and when it gets dark, you can sleep under the starlit sky. The cherry on top of the whole experience are those wondrous smiles that you can exchange with the locals who stay here. To do all of this, you must have a strong affinity to walk and walk and walk some more.

If you’re a serial trekker, you’ll need a good pair of lungs, sturdy legs not to mention, a good amount of preparation as well that will make your trek a hearty success.

In order to make sure that you’re in the pink of your health before the trek, start working for it from the word go. Eat right, exercise regularly, heck hire a personal trainer in London if that’s what it takes!

In this post, we’ve put together a list of 6 world-famous treks that should definitely be on your list if you love mapping out places. We guarantee you that once you go to these places, you’ll be rewarded with an experience of a lifetime!

In no particular order, let’s take a look at these renowned trekking spots!

Kungsleden or The King’s Trail

During summers, Northern Sweden is no less than heaven on earth. Add to this the 275 mile trail and you’ll be rewarded with sweeping, untouched wilderness with endless sunshine pouring in from up above!

The trek begins at a village called Abisko in the north and ends in far south in Hemavan. The route is peppered with rustic huts along the way where you can rest and rejuvenate.

The trek of the King’s Trail runs across a nature reserve and four national parks. If you’re fortunate enough, you will spot some or all of Santa’s reindeers, cousins and all!

Pays Dogon

Although Africa might not be on top of your list of places to trek, Pays Dogon is a hidden gem that will surely change your mind. Spread across the plains of West Africa, this trail passes through the magnificent Bandiagara Escarpment and the beautiful abandoned cliff dwellings that greatly resemble Mesa Verde.

The foreign natural beauty of the place will take you by surprise and will soothe your eyes but the people of this place is what you’ll remember long after you’ve left.

Sentiero Azzurro or The Blue Trail

If you’re looking for a trek trail for the whole family, then you need to look no further than the Blue Trail! It is the complete package with overwhelming beauty surround and it has the least obstacles as well.

This trail is spread across five villages of Cinque Terre and it can be completed within the day. The course hugs the pebbly coastline and passes through picture-perfect landscapes of vineyards and cosy little villages which are a downright delight for the eyes.

The Routeburn Track

This short trek will take three days to complete and its picturesque natural beauty is a sight to behold. The trail is nearly 20 mile long and passes through two national parks – Mount Aspiring and Fiordland. To add to this, you’ll be bestowed with the flock of wild birds flying around coupled with the mountain view, overlooking lakes, rivers not to mention, waterfalls.

Haute Route

This beautiful trail is the epitome of the trekking universe as you’ll lay eyes upon the world’s well known peaks of Matterhorn and Mount Blanc. Haute Route literally translates to ‘High Route’ and it takes almost 12 days to march all 111 miles from France’s Chamonix valley to Zermatt in Switzerland.

Polish your French up a bit before you do this trek as it will help you to better communicate with the locals along the way.

West Highland Way

When you walk across the Scottish Highlands on this 96 mile trail, it will make you feel surreal, as if its something straight out of a movie. If lush green is your colour, you’ll be doused with the colour while on this trail.

This route will take you through an unbelievably picture perfect Scottish landscape that’s very romantic. The weather can turn anytime, even the summers are unpredictable. So ensure that you bring along rain gear along with warm-weather apparels.

This wraps up our list of treks that one should definitely take if they’re big on exploring places on foot.