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How to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Do you know someone who fears going to the dentist and will avoid it like the plague? There are so many people all over the country who absolutely fear going to the dentist. This can be for a variety of reasons, but mostly the main reason that most people fear going to the dentist is due to experiencing anxiety of feeling pain. According to Webmd.com, between 9 and 20 percent of Americans will avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety and or fear. There are people who will do everything possible to avoid going to the dentist. Your mouth is meant for 3 things, which is eating, breathing and talking. Anything outside of these 3 things can put you outside of your comfort zone, which is completely understandable. The downfall is that avoiding the dentist can cause further problems with your dental health and make it harder for you to see a dentist in the future. It is important to overcome your dental anxiety by speaking up, distraction and utilize relaxation techniques. 

According to Huffingtonpost.com, many people develop dental anxiety for a variety of reasons such as fear of the unknown, fear of the dental equipment, sensitive gag reflex, loud noises near your ear and unable to breathe. All of these factors can play a role in how you feel about going to the dentist. When people are uncomfortable, they do what they can to avoid feeling that way again, which is the human body’s natural response to protecting yourself. However, many times the anxiety of going to a dentist appointment is unnecessary due to a minor exam or a cleaning. People have to realize that they have to talk to their dentist in order to help them be reassured that they will be ok. The dental staff, the dentist and yourself must all work together to helping you ease your anxiety. 

Another way to overcome your anxiety is distraction and relaxation. You can bring your electronic device of some kind or even your phone with ear plugs, to help you be distracted from all of the noises of the dental tools. This may help you to calm down and to relax with the soothing music playing in your ears. Also, you can bring a squeeze ball to help you practice self-calming techniques such as squeezing the ball and breathing in and out slowly to help you remain calm during the appointment. Make sure that you talk to your dentist about some ways that they can help you overcome your dental anxiety. Search for the nearest dentist online by searching: dentist office Rochester MN. From here you should get a list of dentists that may be willing to help you. 

Dealing with dental anxiety is never fun for anyone. But, when you have the right kind of support and the right type of people on your team, you can easily overcome it. You never want to go through life continuing to have dental anxiety, as this can worsen your dental health.